Department H Tokyo – The Weirdest, and greatest, Fetish Party Ever!

Department H Tokyo – The Weirdest, and greatest, Fetish Party Ever!

Department H Tokyo – The Weirdest, and greatest, Fetish Party Ever!

We had currently tried one fetish club during our Tokyo holiday (Deca Bar Z), so we thought we’d heard of most readily useful oddball antics we might ever get to have.

. We had been so incorrect.

Absolutely Nothing would definitely prepare us for the kooky and downright mystifying collection of experiences that could come next…


I happened to be delighted to have regarding the air air air plane, nonetheless it really was my boyfriend’s fantasy location. And, since I have had about just as much notion of how to handle it being a five-year-old traveling a fighter jet, he finished up in control of 99% associated with research and preparation.

This is one way we wound up at Department H.

Inside our minds, it absolutely was yet another monthly to-do where kinks collected along with enjoyable.

We somehow ignored the actual fact we had been in Japan – house of maid cafes, natural horse meat, and Rabbit Island. We had been like kiddies in the Oscars – delighted during the sparkly environment and high power vibes, but clueless in regards to what we had been actually getting involved in.

Plenty of crossdressers and drag queens.

The very first thing we discovered ended up being that solution rates had been dramatically cheaper in the event that you wore appropriate clothes.

We went towards the sex that is 10-story we had present in Akihabara a couple of days previously and purchased several inexpensive add-ons to put together with my fabric dress and attempted to disguise my boyfriend’s dark road garments. Then, we jumped in a taxi and kept our hands crossed it might be no problem finding while using platform heels.


The medial side road entry was just simple to find due to the cue for the fabulously stylish freaks (the area is really unassuming).

Credit: Bing Maps – Kinema Club

There clearly was tones of latex, an amount that is surprising of garments, and lots of big bags or backpacks filled with costumes.

The few behind us was changing under their coats as the drag queen hosts stepped down and up the audience to create certain individuals didn’t get preemptively nude(ish). The guy and woman magically changed – her into a mesh bodysuit, thong, and bright neon red wig, he as a rubber butcher’s apron with combat boots.

NOTE: Remember this few, we’re going to see them once more later on.

Soon after, a woman that is japanese across the street along with her guy dutifully after two steps behind. Both had been wearing just what could simply be described and city that is white.

She stepped by having an air of “I’m a lot better than every body, and also you must worship me” (and oh god how she primped, preened, and constantly puffed her locks.

My boyfriend grinned and whispered in my experience, “I know very well what you should do to her. ”

He either saw my phrase or read my brain. Or both.


Whenever go-time came, the line surged ahead.

Seats were examined … and so had been passports.

We’d (fortunately) read online that these were likely to require them, however the butcher and neon-pink few hadn’t. It took a respectable amount of begging to achieve entry elevator which hauled the gaggles of eager visitors to your next space.

Upstairs, the greeters included:

  • A man that is nearly naked a cup instance
  • A drag queen in lizard-bird leg covers/stilts
  • Another drag queen that easily hit 7 feet along with her heels and wig
  • A line of individuals with big anime minds and schoolgirl uniforms

The lizard-legs drag queen had been putting on more of a PVC fishnet quantity for the visit

Maybe perhaps Not a bad begin to the evening.

Regrettably, my guy got tagged with a priced that is full because his clothing weren’t as much as par. Meh, we variety of anticipated it. As soon as the taking that is formal of seats and stamping of arms ended up being done, we had been set absolve to explore the location.

Holy shit, the spot ended up being huge – a theater that is entire that includes top flooring area/balcony, scuffed-up phase, and settee sitting.

The decoration had either been done three decades ago, or even a brocade monster threw up red, yellowish, and brown over all of the walls and furniture then thought, “Hey, do you know what will get this? Dingy wood and marble slate accents.

It had been an assault that is visual the eyes.

It had been wonderful.

Saved in a large part ended up being a spot you can purchase mixers – this will be one among the things that are many makes this spot unique.

It really is totally (and motivated) BYOB.


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