Seekingarrangement Review

Seekingarrangement Review

It was only 20 bucks and I’m not mad, it’s just funny trigger he’s still talking to me thinking that he won. So a SD had provided to offer me $2,400 in USD on to be deposited into my account via three deposits of $800. He had then asked me to transfer the cash onto present cards to send back to him.

Your Allowance = Your Money

If the onevanilla card is not reloadable I don’t know the way he can transfer cash to it. But I would have to pay 25 of my very own money to get the cardboard and that alone maybe Run for the Hills. If these guys have a lot cash and a sound bank account then I see no reason why they will’t use PayPal or venmo or money app.

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I didn’t need to send him BACK the money since that defeated the aim of me receiving the money, so I blocked and deleted him off of everything I had added him on. But since then I received a threatening textual content message from an unsaved number telling me to ship the cash again as it was for an “organization” and doesn’t “belong” to me. I had went on the Facebook page for seeking arrangements.

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So he was patient about it, and first off I was questioning why. But he stated get 50 on a card and he would put my cash on there. I put 20 trigger I actually have a full time job and I needed to be safe. He got upset and told me to wait 40 minutes. I called the place and put in a ticket but I doubt it will do something.


Please any sugar baby on the market that can help I can be greatly appreciative. I talked to a sugardaddy by way of text after responding to his message on an internet site. He requested me to buy seeking arragement a onevanilla prepaid card . He says that’s the only means he might switch money and he cannot use PayPal or venmo or any of those different apps. That made no sense to me and naturally that raised a pink flag.

I wish I may discover a true legit SD & not cope with some of these idiots out right here. BEWARE. This is a HUGE rip-off occurring on Instagram and I’m certain MANY other social media apps. A man by the name “Kevin Vega” @kevin_v5710 ; telephone quantity commented on my pic something sweet with the ending line “I should be spoiled”. Further into the day we ended up direct messaging and exchanging numbers.

I realized extra into the conversation he was referring closely to my debt status! He then informed me because the cash was popping out of a “business account” he was going to have to personally pay my debts. That has nothing to do with my credit card.

I even have a sense that even when this man really did give me money it will in all probability be cash stolen from a scam victim or illegally obtained in another way. That sounded to me like money laundering which I want no a part of as a result of I don’t need to go to prison. I’m not silly, he asked for me to choose and I chose prepaid and a girl doesn’t give out her checking account data for nobody.

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I started speaking to this man in Miami Florida. We have been talking for a week when he determined to inform me he was gonna send me $800 A week, then tells me that I need to go get a $50 iTunes reward card so he can configure his settings. I informed him I don’t want an iTunes gift card. He then says to send him $30 so we can start the process of the arrangement.


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